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The (International Union Of Neuro Linguistic Programming) IUNLP is a body of professional NLP trainers, Practitioners, Psychologists, and Researchers, who work together to teach, further develop and promote the use of Neuro Linguistic Programming, and the revolutionary discoveries in the field like the CFSTP©, ATH© (Advanced time healing), and TDC (Timeline Deep Cleansing), developed by Jihad Abou Zeid.

The target of the (International Union Of NLP) IUNLP is to spread and teach NLP methods and techniques which have helped millions of people around the world to live a happier life by overcoming their challenges and acquiring new desired behaviors and thought patterns.

IUNLP members work together to create and share new ideas and techniques with the community, enabling the growth of the field of NLP to the benefit of humanity.

The new discoveries which formed the New Generation Of NLP are full of fun, enthusiasm, and productivity, and create immediate change. people are just in love with the new methodology.

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What are the new discoveries in NLP

The CFSTP, where researches showed an outstanding new understanding of the human brain concerning the main resistant part inside the brain.

The New Generation of NLP is a set of new techniques and methodologies that made NLP work much faster and more effectively than before. It was developed by Jihad Abou Zeid over the past several years based on extensive researches and hands-on work with clients.

The Advanced Time Healing (ATH)© and Timeline Deep Cleansing (TDC)© Methods were developed using the principles of the New Generation of NLP, to initiate immediate and long-lasting changes in people’s lives. 

The (ATH)© is extremely powerful and precise. The changes are enormous, dealing with the subconscious mind as no other methodology has dealt with before.
Resolving and dealing with hundreds of PTSD cases was the cradle of the New Generation Of NLP, (ATH)© and (TDC)©.

What NLP does?

NLP is the art of excellence

NLP is taking something that is working with others, considering it like a dough, mold it, create new models and shapes using the same ingredients. The model is NLP.
NLP is the art of excellence

NLP is the art of Modelling

NLP is finding desirable behaviors and methods in successful people and creating a blueprint to apply to others. 
NLP is the art of Modelling.

NLP is the art of reprogramming

NLP is understanding something that is not working with us, reaching the source of it, changing the meanings and the feelings.
NLP is the art of reprogramming.

NLP is the art of programming

NLP is understanding our outcomes, creating new behaviors to be able to deal with them positively.
NLP is the art of programming.

NLP is the art of emotional discharging

NLP is understanding the influence of our nervous system on our body.
NLP is the art of emotional discharging.

NLP is the art of the perfect mindset

NLP is helping people to create positive and towards thinking.
NLP is the art of preparing the perfect mindset

NLP is the art of communicating

NLP is creating more rapport between people. The communication would be different and easier.
NLP is the art of communicating.

NLP is the art of accessing the subconscious

NLP is delivering strong tools to read inside the subconscious mind.
NLP is the art of opening the channels between the conscious and the subconscious mind.

NLP is the art of understanding others

NLP is helping people to understand what’s going on inside others’ brains.
NLP is the art of understanding others’ maps.


NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), is the user manual of the brain, neurological system, and feelings. It shows the deep connection between them, how they interact with each other and how they affect our lives in all directions.

NLP techniques are very strong and deliver a set of linguistic tools, that grant direct access to the exact time where unwanted feelings, patterns, behaviors, and filters were formed in the first place. We use NLP to access the root cause of all unwanted feelings and limiting beliefs inside the brain to deal with them directly and create an immediate change.

NLP is a way to create balance in our life, feelings, and thoughts by developing a new language, we use it to be able to move into a less depressing past, less stressful present, and of course less anxious future.

The international union of NLP

NLP Live Training - The New Generation Of NLP

We designed several NLP courses that are unique in content to teach you NLP whether you are a total beginner, advanced or professional practitioner.

We teach the New Generation of NLP at different levels:
1- NLP practitioner training certification
2- NLP master practitioner training certification
3- NLP trainer T.O.T
4- NLP training for Psychologists
5- NLP training for executives
6- Other NLP training courses

Our courses are conducted in two different ways

  1. IUNLP advanced E-Learning system where students can enroll in a course and follow the steps to get certified
  2. Live training directly with Jihad Abou Zeid, founder of IUNLP and developer of the New Generation of NLP
  3. Study NLP with one of our certified trainers and get certified by the IUNLP

We pride ourselves to introduce the first and only animated NLP training course ever, where, IUNLP courses are very interactive, illustrated, and easy to follow and understand. Jihad and the team spent thousands of hours illustrating the New Generation of NLP in a new interesting course, full of interaction and animation to deliver NLP lovers a unique NLP experience.

This is the right time, the right opportunity for you to become part of the amazing community of the International Union Of Neuro Linguistic Programming (IUNLP) 

NLP Practitioner training

Deal with past events to ease the present and enhance the future. Discover the main resistant part inside the brain.
New discoveries like CFSTP and ATH will be taught.

NLP Master Practitioner

This is a step higher where you learn how the brain functions at all levels. How filters and patterns are formulated in the first place. Edit, Change and Create new ones. Get more involved in NLP for business.

NLP Trainer

T.O.T. Get ready to start a new career in NLP. This course helps NLP trainers transmitting their knowledge to others. It is an advanced course to help you be the best in NLP training.

NLP For executives

This NLP training course is dedicated to all executives who are seeking a better understanding of their business structure and personnel, get a better communication with people that work with you to increase motivation and productivity.

NLP for psychologists

This NLP training course is very important to all psychologists and therapists around the globe. The New Generation of NLP offers very strong tools to help in the psychology field to deliver better results.


(Advanced Time Healing)

The ATH course is a turning point that changed NLP for ever. It represents the New Generation of NLP that helped thousands of people to resolve PTSD and many other negative feelings.
The ATH is the new adventure. Welcome on board.

The New Generation of NLP developed by Jihad Abou Zeid opened the door for a better understanding of the human brain where all techniques are designed in a way to reach the deepest areas inside it.

The New Generation of NLP methodology helps to eliminate the barriers between the brain parts. It disclosed a third party that is as much important as the conscious and subconscious minds are.

This party is simply the one who is responsible for the resistance inside the brain.

The New Generation of NLP helped both the conscious and the subconscious minds to establish a strong connection to understand where all the limiting beliefs and feelings are formulating and evolving, which is the source code.

The New Generation of NLP reinforced the communication between both, the conscious and subconscious minds, by revealing the real resistant part inside the brain. which is none of the two main parts.

The resistant part inside the brain is a third party, that is controlling the whole system and acts as a dictator. Continue reading

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