IUNLP NLP training and certification


The IUNLP is a global community with only one aim, developing new ways and techniques, to reach the ultimate understanding of the human brain. Why is that? The answer is easy.

We really believe that, we as humans, are formulated in a way, that can adapt to anything, and we deserve to feel better to live better

By Joining IUNLP you become a member of a community that is willing to offer humanity the best available tools that help people to control their feelings and the way they live.

The new discovered techniques in the New Generation Of NLP are very powerful. They help you and others to create a faster and permanent positive change to unlock your potentials and get rid of all the unwanted feelings.

IUNLP community members will always have a reference in the New Generation of NLP and any later development.

Benefits of joining IUNLP

The IUNLP will always provide its members the following:

  • Support
  • A platform to share their ideas
  • Continuous NLP training, retraining, and follow up
  • A place where they can have tones of information in the NLP field


NLP Community

Become part of a huge NLP community that really cares about helping others.

Sharing Experiences​

Sharing your own experiences and researches with the NLP community. Creating a buzz and immediate acknowledgment. sharing knowledge & ideas with like-minded people.

Discounts on Courses

Get a discount on all courses, new techniques & books. Offer your own books for sale to the community.

Early Discovery​

Participating in the experience. Be amongst the first to know about new developments & techniques in NLP.

Community Support

Getting benefits and learnings from all members. Members are ready to answer your questions and get support for your clients’ challenges. The whole community is ready to provide all types of support.

IUNLP Certification

As an IUNLP trainer member, you can issue IUNLP certifications to your students. Trainers have the right to teach all the NLP levels provided by the IUNLP.

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