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ATH - Advanced Time Healing

Deep Cleaning of the timeline Starting day ZERO

  • Discover how the brain works
  • Start the cleaning process
    1. Preparation
      1. Creating Rapport
      2. Metamodel for better understanding
  • Understand the challenge.
  • Create the perfect plan
  1. Techniques
    1. Discovering the timeline
    2. Understanding the timeline directions and meanings
  • Joining timelines if they are many
  1. Fixing the timeline directions and shape
  2. Discovering the preferred color. Changing the timeline
  3. Timeline direction and dominant hand
  • Superman landing or Day zero landing. removing the dust and clearing the view on the timeline
  • Numbering the timeline
  1. Visualizing the chunks
  2. Circulating on the timeline
  3. Discovering the filters
  • Finding the resistance
    1. working on the white screen by pulling back,  face the timeline from the left to the right side or the right to the left according to the dominant hand
    2. Raise a white screen above the event
    3. Watcher and on-screen technique
    4. Apply the right techniques
    5. Test the feelings
    6. Move back above the timeline and behind the screen
    7. Eye glasses technique
    8. Project to the present and future
    9. Release the feelings you don’t need anymore by sending them to the sun to burn and disappear. The timeline will be lighter
  • Screens photocopy
  • Move with copy 2 to the present
  • Synchronization between screen 1 and 2
  • Keep the coding direction

Discover the IGNORED data. Data to be ignored and data to be used. Our brain doesn’t delete data. It is all stored as to be ignored

  • Paralleled timelines
  • Diving technique
  • Moon technique
  • Shortcut technique

Expending areas on the timeline

  • Elevator technique
  • Glass screens preview on the timeline
  • Making the future as past
  • Personalize the feeling. If the challenge is a human, place, color, number,….  who / what would it be
  • Rewind technique modifications
  • Material, shape submodality change. Read geometric shapes
  • Photocopy of the positive feeling to the present and the future and sync
  • Hunting technique
  • Create the BOND. The past is teaching the present, the present is influencing the future
  • The confront. (face people in your past and tell them what you wanted to say at that time. Let the true feelings appear, don’t mask them. If you felt angry and you couldn’t express it just show anger, if you wanted to cry and you couldn’t just start to cry, if you wanted to shout loud or to hit or to go nasty, just do it. Reconcile with yourself. And make a discussion with them even if they are dead. And forgive them).
  • Reconciliation. Each age should reconcile with what happened with it at that time. Year after another.
  • Child journey to the present. bring your child-self with you to the present and future to see the positive change that you made. And the child’s anxiety will disappear.
  • Child empowerment. Let the child support the present after being empowered. ( double technique, with challenging people from the past)
  • Vacuum technique. Seawater technique
  • Balloons, Boxing Bags, kicking, scissors cutting burn into the sun
  • Rolling up / down technique. changing filters structure. Zipping, rolling down. roll down the new learnings to the timeline. Feel the electrical connection between the learning and the timeline to the future.
  • Fixing feelings and learnings and filters on the timeline
  • No BTS. We apply a series of techniques, related to each other, at the same time, before we break the state.
  • Future pacing. We go tomorrow, after tomorrow, 6 days consecutively, then one week after, then 2 weeks after, then one month after than 6 months after, then one year after. Then 5 years after. Otherwise, the brain will consider it as a day-dream

Empowering yourself in the past from the future and let the future creating change in feelings in the past

  • Future planning. See the priorities. Sync between priorities. Capabilities. And desire

Make sure the old behaviors and feelings are neutral

  • Create new behaviors
    1. New behavior generator
    2. Changing filters, creating new filters
    3. Preparation
    4. Create the perfect spot
    5. Application
    6. 2 copies technique, heart and brain
  • Fix the behavior on the timeline
    1. Add it to the timeline
    2. Future facing
    3. BOND
  • Test
    1. Test the main 3 feelings
    2. Edit and improve
    3. Fix again
    4. Test


This technique is very powerful and it helps others to discharge all the negative feelings towards somebody or something.
To make this technique a success we need to discharge the feelings from all the reservation reservoirs. Each part inside the brain has its own feelings which are saved inside.
Feelings are stored in different places, the taught ones, and the created ones.
Our feelings are related to patterns and behaviors inside the brain.
Those feelings are not stored in the same space. They sit inside different parts. The sum of them will form a feeling.
What we do actually by discharging the feelings we would be accessing all the parts and particles where the feeling itself is being stored.
We already know that we have areas to remember and to create information inside the brain. The discharging should occur in both areas and all directions.
Since feelings have visuals, sounds, and feelings, the discharging should take place where the visuals, the sounds, and the feelings are.
The discharging process depends on letting go of the pressure from inside each area.
The ATH is delivering a wonderful tool to help people discharging all the unwanted baggage where the mind will become released from the burden it carries.
The discharging technique is very powerful because it is helping the person to access every corner inside his mind where the feeling to be discharged is stored.

After the discharging technique is applied, the person will feel relieved.

Elevator technique
The elevator technique is very significant to the brain. It takes the person to the deepest and darkest place inside the brain.
Usually, people know some of their fears or limiting behaviors yet they are not aware of some of the information or data saved inside the subconscious mind where they formed patterns and behaviors sitting unwatched.
Those patterns are ruling the system from the darkness. They are unseen, unwatched and they work from behind the scenes.
By using the elevator technique we would be delving down, deep, to the bottom of the structure, where darkness and ambiguity are the main players.
The elevator technique actually is providing several solutions at the same time.

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