IUNLP NLP training and certification

IUNLP Certification

Important Notes:

  • The IUNLP certification, nor any NLP certification, is considered an academic certification. It is not a university certification.
  • The NLP certification is an acknowledgment that a person has studied Neuro-Linguistic Programming and became aware of the techniques and the results delivered.
  • The IUNLP community is open to everyone who would like to proceed and expand their learnings to become certified in NLP.

IUNLP certifications come in different levels:

  • NLP practitioner
  • NLP Master Practitioner
  • NLP trainer
  • ATH for trainers
  • NLP for psychologists and therapists
  • NLP for business
  • NLP for parents
  • NLP for Schools and Universities
  • NLP for students
  • NLP for Teachers
  • NLP for Managers
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