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New Generation of NLP - The ATH

International Union of NLP

We didn't change NLP We only Changed the methodology

The International Union of NLP (IUNLP)

NLP is known as the most reliable and rapid Method to make a positive change in people’s lives through instant change in their behaviors and thinking patterns.

The IUNLP is a body of professional NLP practitioners, Master Practitioners, Researchers, NLP Students and NLP teachers who work together to teach, further develop and promote the use of the New Development of NLP, developed by Jihad Abou Zeid.

The target of the IUNLP is to teach the new, tried, and tested NLP methods and techniques which have helped thousands of people around the world to live a happier life by overcoming their challenges and acquiring new desired behaviors and thought patterns.

To achieve its goals, the IUNLP members work together to create and share new ideas and techniques with the community, enabling the growth of the field of NLP to the benefit of humanity.

The IUNLP welcomes students and professionals of NLP from all disciplines to join our community and become active in sharing their knowledge and experiences to further develop and spread the NLP practices.

The IUNLP is committed to spreading the NLP techniques to become part of everyday life to help people understand their world better, and deal with their feelings and challenges in a more positive way and in general to lead a more happy and positive lifestyle.

The IUNLP is a community of like-minded people dedicated to helping others. A community that loves knowledge, research, learning and discovery. A community that helps its members to become more resourceful, knowledgeable and aware.

NLP methods are used in a wide variety of fields, most importantly in self-development.  Everyone has what it takes to be successful and to reach his goals. However, we have been programmed for failure. NLP techniques help individuals to overcome these hard wired patterns and to reprogram themselves for success.

NLP was developed in the early seventies by Richard Bandler and John Grinder. They asked a simple question: What makes some people successful while others fail?

They set out to find the answer to this simple question through research, interviews and observation. They discovered that success is a behavior and anyone can acquire it.

Bandler and Grinder were able to model the human behavior and present it as a blue print where others can easily acquire the new skills based on these models, and so the NLP was born.

Over the past fifty years, many students of NLP have researched and created new methods and techniques to add to the existing NLP and to grow it into a very wide field with applications in personal, emotional, and professional arenas. It is simply the modelling of human behavior, enabling people to use these models to improve or change their thinking patterns and behaviors easily and quickly.

Over the years, many professional NLP bodies around the world emerged to unify and qualify the NLP. The IUNLP is taking one further step by creating a large NLP community where professionals can share their experiences and add to the existing knowledge to create the largest NLP reference available today.

A main goal of the IUNLP, is the teaching and promoting of the new NLP methodologies and techniques developed by Jihad Abou Zeid through gathering the information of practicing NLP with more than 1200 one to one sessions every year, and training phycologists and others at the new generation of NLP, which is delivering new more powerful techniques and methodologies to the NLP community to solve all type of challenges.

Jihad’s experience in both teaching NLP and with one to one sessions helping countless people, private and in business, overcome their challenges and change their behavior, has given him a wealth of insights into how the brain works. He created and used new methods in NLP, which yielded immediate positive results with long lasting effects.  Jihad developed new ways to help people get faster and more reliable results.

Jihad’s insights and new methodologies and techniques became the basis of The New Generation of NLP, where the ATH (Advanced Time Healing) was born.

The IUNLP was created with the intention of sharing all this new knowledge with the world, and making NLP easily accessible to everyone who is interested in learning of how our minds control our lives.

The IUNLP mission is that every NLP professional who is keen on sharing their knowledge and findings to help create a better life for others, is welcome to join our growing community.

IUNLP is responsible for creating awareness about Neuro-Linguistic Programming. What is NLP, how it serves and helps others and why and when to use it.

Once we understand what NLP does, we will understand that it is applicable all the time. NLP helps you to understand how your brain works. How your filters work. How your patterns work. How your actions and reactions work. Armed with that knowledge, anyone can change their lives almost instantly in the direction they choose.

IUNLP is based on the subjective experience of the new generation of NLP developed by Jihad Abou Zeid.

After all, NLP is only a tool. The more you improve your tools, the better results you get.

IUNLP vision is to spread the awareness of the New Generation of NLP by joining forces with trainers and master practitioners around the world. Creating a solid foundation for the New Generation of NLP and helping others to edit, modify and create more techniques that will help the community to grow and prosper.

The IUNLP community is wide and diversified. It includes NLP professionals who share our vision. Creating awareness is very important part of growing the correct use of NLP. The IUNLP is the mark of quality and successful use of ethical methodologies of NLP to help others.

Our mission is to work, hand in hand with other NLP professionals, to create a healthy NLP community, capable and able, to serve, and deliver, an exceptional service that will help anyone who needs it to live a better life.

The IUNLP will help to create a difference in the world, through spreading knowledge and awareness.

NLP techniques are very powerful. With the right knowledge and ethics, both, Practitioners and clients will reap the benefits.

IUNLP dedicates all its resources to continue to evolve and develop The New Generation of NLP.  Trainers and Master Practitioners will find all the right tools within the IUNLP community to help them develop their techniques.

IUNLP is a community and a learning center for NLP. Everyone has the chance to learn The New Generation of NLP, from beginner to advanced levels, and to get certified by the IUNLP as a mark of quality and ethical NLP.

Whether you are already a practitioner or not, new to the field or not, you will find the IUNLP practitioner course, a way to start a new path in your personal and professional life. This is the right moment to learn the most powerful techniques in NLP that can help you in life.

A totally new perspective will open up in front of you. Your senses will be more acute and your awareness more keen. You will start to recognize your own resources and your own capabilities.

Existing NLP Master Practitioners and NLP Trainers can greatly benefit from joining IUNLP community, as it gives them room to learn new methodologies and use new techniques, as well as grow their own unique techniques and share them with the IUNLP community.  We grow by helping our individual members to grow.

IUNLP is committed to delivering answers. We will share our experience with the world. Case studies, challenges, solutions, new techniques, new ideas, communication and more.

IUNLP will open the road to thousands of NLP Master Practitioners and trainers to discuss and share their own experiences and help each other. We are dedicated to provide help and support for personal and community growth.

IUNLP strives to create the right environment and NLP approaches for doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, psychoanalysts and all psychology field, to help them improve their methods and share their expertise for the good of humanity.

IUNLP creates awareness and help teachers to deliver more effective teaching methods for the benefit of education.

IUNLP helps parents to deal better with their parental challenges and their children’s challenges.

IUNLP helps students to deal better with the learning process and to enjoy learning.

IUNLP helps Judges, lawyers, business owners, managers, sales people, receptionists, HR, nurses, professionals and more. All professionals can use NLP to negotiate and communicate better.

IUNLP helps people who have depression, stress and anxiety to relieve their negative feelings and allow them to start enjoying their life.

IUNLP is committed to share all acquired NLP knowledge. We will create the most NLP comprehensive awareness program on the internet.


Join the IUNLP, Share your knowledge and be part of one of the largest NLP communities

Dedicated to creating NLP awareness

Together We Can. We Are The IUNLP

IUNLP LTD Office No: 32D Address: 182-184 High Street North,East Ham, London E6 2JA. UK

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