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The International Union of Neuro Linguistic Programming LTD / UK (IUNLP) is an independent NLP certification body. The IUNLP certifies NLP at all levels, the New Generation of NLP, the ATH (Advanced Time Healing), and the TDC (Timeline Deep Cleansing).

The New Generation of NLP©, CFSTP©, ATH©, and the Timeline Deep Cleansing (TDC)© are developed by Jihad Abou Zeid, the founder of the International Union of Neuro-Linguistic Programming in the UK.

Our certification programs are exclusively written and developed to the benefit of the IUNLP and all the trainers that follow the course of the New Generation Of NLP.

Our courses and methods are copyrighted work under the Copyright, Designs, and Patents Act 1988 and The Berne Convention International Copyright Treaty.

Any reproduction, copying, or representation of the course, material, designs, visuals, videos, and illustrations, is prohibited, without prior written consent and acceptance from the author.

The IUNLP is a body of professional NLP trainers, Practitioners, Researchers, and phycologists, who work together to teach, further develop and promote the use of NLP, the New Generation of NLP, and the ATH©, developed by Jihad Abou Zeid.

The IUNLP is based on the practical application of using NLP techniques in different fields and directions to fine-tuning the process to reach satisfying results. There, where The new generation of NLP appeared. it was born from the cradle of the practical application of the NLP techniques. 

We use NLP techniques all the time to help people around the globe to successfully overcome their negative feelings and fears to acquire new desired behaviors and thought patterns. The IUNLP is a gathering of good people with good spirit and only one aim, Helping you to live better to feel better.

IUNLP members work together to create and share new ideas and techniques with the community, enabling the growth of the field of NLP in general, and the New Generation of NLP in particular, to the benefit of humanity.

The new Generation of NLP changed the methodology and the field of application. We have developed more than new fifty five strong and innovative techniques which are used now by hundreds of psychologists, practitioners and therapists around the world.  

Welcome to our world and be sure that by joining our team you will become a part of a great network where everybody works side by side to further develop and invent new ways to help people for a better life.

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Who we are? iunlp nlp training and awareness NGNLP


1- IUNLP’s mission is to support NLP professionals who are keen on sharing their knowledge and findings to help creating a better life for others.

2- IUNLP strives to spread the New Generation of NLP developed by Jihad Abou Zeid and the amazing methodology of the Advanced Time Healing (ATH)© and Time Line Deep Cleansing (TDC)© 

Welcome to join our growing community, where IUNLP is responsible for creating awareness about Neuro-Linguistic Programming, the New Generation Of NLP and the ATH©. It is our duty to spread What NLP is, how it serves and helps others, and why and when to use it.

* We are committed to creating awareness and consciousness.
* The new Generation of NLP and the ATH© side by side for the benefit of humanity.

NLP training and certification from UK

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iunlp nlp training and awareness NGNLP
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