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NLP certification for Psychologists

NLP certification For Psychologists, and therapists
The Way To Transform People’s Lives

Revolutionary course to help your career advance. This NLP course is a must. If you are looking to be the best in your field, Join now to update your knowledge & techniques and yield immediate results with your clients.

Get to know the new Generation of NLP and its amazing discoveries, the ATH (Advanced Time Healing) and the TDC (Timeline Deep Cleansing). Fifty five new techniques that can change your clients’ life forever.


NLP short for Neuro-Linguistic Programming is being used by psychologists and therapists all over the world to quickly create results in therapy. NLP is an amazing way of dealing with stress, anxiety, traumas, PTSD, and traumatic life experience.

NLP helps to bring quick change and gives almost immediate positive results. Learn how to use NLP in your clinical therapy, and become a highly sought-after psychologist.

Neuro-linguistic programming is a trustworthy fast way to get results in psychological therapy. NLP establishes a connection between the brain, neurological system, and feelings. This connection shapes our language and behaviors, allowing a treatment method for people suffering from mental disorders, PTSD, depression, anxiety, learning disorders, bad habits, phobias, and traumas.

This NLP course is designed specifically for psychologists and therapists to help them acquire knowledge in NLP therapy.

Psychologists with NLP certification earn more than double normal rates and are highly sought after. The results of NLP therapy are astounding, and positive results achieved by NLP techniques are immediate and long-lasting. Changes and new behaviors are acquired with minimal effort.

The NLP certification:

The attendees will get double certification as NLP practitioner and Master practitioner from the International Union of NLP

What Will You Learn?

This course is a strong combination between the NLP practitioner and Master practitioner courses and the ATH(advanced time healing). It gathers the strongest techniques to be delivered with illustration and animation.

Introduction To NLP
NLP uses perceptual, behavioral, and communication techniques to make it easier for people to change their thoughts and actions. Using language and visualization to create positive change.


The New Generation Of NLP (New)
you will learn the new methodology in the new generation of NLP, the ATH(advanced timeline healing) and the TDC(Timeline Deep Cleansing)

The differences between the traditional code of NLP and the New Generation of NLP (New)
you will find the main differences between the classical code developed by the 2 co-founders and the new generation of NLP developed by Jihad Abou Zeid. Where many new discoveries appeared.

The CFSTP transition protocol which was the basis of the discovery of the ATH© and TDC© (New)
The CFS transition protocol is an amazing discovery in the new generation of NLP that shows the exact communication path between the three main parts inside the brain. this discloses the reason behind all negative feelings that people suffer from. PTSD, depression, anxiety, stress, OCD, Bipolar, Schizophrenia, and others

Discover the real resistant part inside the brain (New)
The main resistant part inside the brain is neither the conscious mind as hypnotherapy adopts, nor the subconscious mind as psychology adopts. It is a third party sitting inside the brain, in between the conscious and subconscious minds, running the whole show

How The Brain Works (New)
Insights on how our brain works. The Brain functionalities. The way we receive the external world and how we process the information. How traumas and PTSD are developed. The connection protocol between the brain sections.

The new generation of NLP


Building Rapport
NLP Rapport is the ability to enter someone else’s world, to create an immediate connection, by discovering their representational system using their language.

NLP Presuppositions
NLP presuppositions are an unbiased and compelling set of beliefs that one can incorporate into their life, either personally or as an NLP professional helping a client.

Sub Modalities
Submodalities in NLP are characteristics. You will learn, not only about the nature of the feelings, but you will discover for the first time the characteristics of each feeling. By changing the submodalities we would be changing the feeling itself.
Our five senses are the main influencers in crafting our feelings submodalities.

Anchoring is an amazing and strong NLP technique we use to bring back a resourceful feeling from a memory and plant it in the present. It is like a bookmark for the desired emotion, which can be recalled later at any time.

Interactive (New)
The New Generation of NLP is far more interactive than the classical code of NLP. It opens a strong and vivid communication between the three main parts inside the brain to create an immediate change.

New Behavior Generator

The New Behavior Generator is an NLP technique using mental imagery or rehearsal for getting long-term outcomes. Outcomes usually require ongoing behavior and responses, including future pacing.

Discover the main reason behind procrastination and how and why it creates a lot of anxiety and stress.
get to know how procrastination is affecting our decision making process to become a stopping behavior

Rewind Technique
Separates the feelings from the pictures so you can come to terms with both. It has been used successfully for dealing with: accidents and injuries, phobias, and PTSD.

The Timeline is the events container, where all events that happened in a person’s life, and all the feelings that were generated from them, are accommodated on the timeline with great details.



Advanced timeline
– Advanced Timelines meaning
– Advanced Timelines direction
– Timeline elicitation
– Timeline modification
– Timeline preparation
– Timeline circulation (New)

The Coding Direction (New)
Each Direction on the timeline has a specific meaning. Learn how to unlock the feelings and the limitations by understanding the different directions on the timeline.

Time management
People have different perceptions of time. Time is crucial because everything in our lives is happening in time and through time


Eye Accessing Cues
Discover how the brain is accessing information. By discovering the protocol of eyes movements you will be disclosing the real feelings and thoughts behind the words that others are saying. It is well known as lies detector as well. Investigators are using this technique all over the globe.

Resolving parts conflict
This technique is a powerful NLP Anchoring pattern that can “re-wire” your brain. This Neuro Linguistic Programming pattern takes two separate parts and creates an additional part with more choices.

Advanced Meta Model (The development of the enhanced Metamodel, the mother of all NLP techniques)
The meta-model in NLP (or meta-model of therapy) is a set of questions designed to collect information, challenge, and expand the limits to a person’s model of the world. It responds to the distortions, generalizations, and deletions in the speaker’s language.


Future Pacing And Daydream (New)
Discover the powers of the brain and its ability to draw out the future before we get there. How to distinguish between daydreams and the right way to do future pacing techniques so that the client acquires the required feeling or behavior.

ATH © (New)
The Advanced Time Healing ™ method helps clients to witness a sincere and intense experience to replace their old negative feelings, learn from them, transform the learnings into resources, and plant them in the future to remove depression, stress, and anxiety.

How To Do An NLP Session (New)
Discover the ABCs of doing an NLP session from the beginning till the end.
This is new to NLP learning, where you can practice the entire steps to accomplish a successful session with your clients.

Other Techniques That you will learn
– Outcomes
– Framing
– Meta-programs
– Strategies
– Logical Levels
– Perceptual positions
– Fake realities
– And many more

Learn about the latest Neuro Linguistic Programming Techniques used in Psychology to achieve fast results.

How does NLP work?
NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is known as the brain’s user manual. For the first time, we can delve inside the subconscious mind without using hypnosis.
By using NLP techniques the practitioner is able to work with all the parts of the brain at once. The practitioner guides the client to access the filters, belief structures, limitations, subconscious mind, and of course the conscious mind, all at once. The conscious mind is more aware, the subconscious mind is open and receptive and the filters are laid out in front of the conscious mind to pinpoint exactly where limiting beliefs lie.
Any change that happens on the 3 levels of the brain, is a long-lasting and permanent change.

Is NLP therapy beneficial?
NLP reaches the depth of the subconscious mind. It is extremely effective in helping people who experience anxieties, stress, phobias, PTSD, and trauma.
NLP helps create a positive change in people’s lives. NLP can reprogram past events and change them into learning experiences so that people move on with their lives and heal from past traumas. NLP is also used to easily and quickly acquire new behaviors needed for a happier future. This is what makes NLP so powerful in effecting long-lasting positive change. NLP works on three levels: past, present, and future.

learning experiences so that people move on with their lives and heal from past traumas. NLP is also used to easily and quickly acquire new behaviors needed for a happier future. This is what makes NLP so powerful in effecting long-lasting positive change. NLP works on three levels: past, present, and future.

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