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The New Generation of NLP is a set of powerful applications and techniques, able to create a change inside the brain, eliminate the negative feelings and behaviors, establish new positive feelings and behaviors instead.

We are driven by our fears. NLP helps people to get rid of their fears and become driven by their ambition. At this level they become resourceful.

NLP works for everybody that wants to make a change in his life, whether personal or professional. Industries now are adopting NLP techniques to motivate their employees.

  • Psychologists are widening their knowledge by learning NLP and applying the techniques on their patients. NLP is very fast and it creates an immediate and permanent change in people’s lives.

Psychologists and therapists NLP certified are much higher paid than therapists without NLP. They are almost double paid.

  • HR people are using NLP for a better understanding of other departments. They are creating new communication channels using the related techniques in NLP.
  • NLP is widely used in sales, it is helping salespeople all around the globe to close more deals and earn more money.
  • Public speakers are using NLP all the time, from the way they stand on the stage, to the presentation they do to deliver their message to be able to address all types of attendees. It is all about NLP.
  • Negotiators are heavily adopting NLP techniques. They use it to open rapport and keep the communication steady.
  • Lawyers and counselors are highly recommended to be NLP certified. Most European countries, Canada, and some states in the USA are encouraging all counselors to become NLP certified.
  • Teachers are getting more involved into NLP. it helps them to understand their students needs and makes teaching easier for them since they understand now the different representational systems of their students. the teaching is more fun.
  • Business owners and executives are in love with NLP techniques especially it is highly involved into planning, targeting and defining outcomes, leadership skills and most importantly enhancing the communication.
  • parents are aware now about the important role NLP can take while raising their children. it is an amazing tool that helps to create rapport.

Practice showed that people with NLP can handle difficult situations way far better than people with no NLP knowledge.
From here we understand that NLP is applicable anytime, anywhere, and with anybody by everybody.

NLP training from UK

NLP Field of application

in which cases do we use NLP techniques?

  • NLP to remove Learning Anxiety
  • NLP to remove stress
  • NLP to remove Anxiety
  • NLP to remove panic attacks
  • NLP to remove depression
  • NLP to resolve unwanted thoughts
  • NLP to develop positive oriented thinking
  • NLP to set business targets
  • NLP to increase emotional intelligence
  • NLP to remove traumas
  • NLP to resolve PTSD
  • NLP to resolve bipolar disorder
  • NLP to resolve sleeping disorder
  • NLP to increase awareness
  • NLP to improve memory
  • NLP to improve decision making
  • NLP to excel in public speaking
  • NLP to excel in sales
  • NLP to excel in public relation
  • NLP for better leadership skills
  • NLP to eliminate limiting beliefs
  • NLP to create an immediate change
  • NLP to eliminate bad habits
  • NLP to create new habits
  • NLP to change patterns, behaviors, and filters
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