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If you are eager to gain the power of making a huge shift in your life, this course is for you.

  • Discover yourself from the inside out and get to know your true strengths and resources.
  • Understand the power of your subconscious mind and use it to your advantage.
  • Resolve your stopping behaviors, fears, phobias, traumas, failure and get out of your comfort zones easily.
  • Plan your successes and prepare yourself to become an achiever.
  • Discover the ultimate methods of communication and be ready to be a master negotiator.
  • Welcome to the world of the New Generation of NLP

The New Generation of NLP includes 4 new inventions that are copyrighted and registered in the UK

Whether you know NLP or not, If you are a practitioner, psychologist, therapist or you just want to start a refreshing career, the ATH (Advanced Time Healing) is your best companion.
Get certified from the UK, by the International Union of NLP (IUNLP)

  • Training duration: September – 2024
  • From 10 A.M till 6 P.M
  • Trainer: Jihad Abou Zeid, the developer of the New Generation of NLP and the founder of the IUNLP / UK
  • Investment fee: £ 1,750 GBP
  • Certificate by the international union of NLP / UK –

We pride ourselves to introduce to you the first and only ANIMATED AND ILLUSTRATED NLP course in the world

What is NLP?

  • NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), is a great tool that gives, NLP learners, practitioners, psychologists, and therapists, direct access to the SOURCE CODE inside the brain that is responsible for creating, developing, and running our feelings, actions, reactions, patterns, behaviors, and filters, that drive our lives.
  • NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is the user manual of the brain, neurological system, and feelings. It shows the deep connection between all of them, how they interact with each other and how they affect our lives in all directions.
  • NLP techniques are very strong and grant access to the root cause of all unwanted feelings and limiting beliefs inside the brain to deal directly with them and create an immediate change.
  • It is a way to create balance in our life, our feelings, and our thoughts.
  • NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), is an amazing field full of techniques, giving hand to practitioners and therapists, to create an immediate positive change inside the human brain. People feel empowered and ready to move into a brighter future.
  • The techniques are designed in a way to reach the depth of the subconscious mind and read the exact coding that has occurred for years.
  • NLP techniques, in the New Generation of NLP, help individuals, therapists, and practitioners to establish a strong connection between the conscious and subconscious minds at the same time. The conscious mind becomes ready to read the type of information stored inside the subconscious mind and use the CFSTP protocol to create an immediate change.

By using NLP techniques, we would be able to read and understand our patterns and feelings stored inside our subconscious mind, Pull them out to the level of the filters, edit and modify and put them back to the place they were before, with a different meaning.

  • NLP is the art of communicating. How we constructively deal with ourselves and others.
  • NLP techniques deliver a strong tool to grant access to behavioral filters that are responsible for all types of unwanted feelings, changing them to generate better feelings.
  • NLP provides us with a reflecting mirror; we see our nervous system from the inside out.
  • NLP is the best way to look at the world from a different perspective.
  • NLP delivers more awareness about the coding inside our subconscious mind.
  • NLP would be like a field full of components where good practitioners pick and choose one or more, to form the perfect technique according to the given situation.
  • NLP provides the perfect tools for excellence. All the techniques are designed in a way to lead you towards your target, goals, and outcomes.
  • NLP helps people around the globe to unhook themselves from the past negativity and hook themselves into the potential of the future.
  • NLP is the ability to choose wisely, which techniques and components to be mixed and rolled to deal with a certain situation.

The New Generation Of NLP Code

Traditional NLP Code

The revolutionary CFSTP

Two contradicting schools

How the brain works 

Meet, for the first time, the resistant part inside the brain, which is surprisingly neither the conscious mind nor the subconscious mind

–          The resistant part is the subconscious mind, where the conscious mind wants the change and the subconscious mind resists the change. This school followed the psychology methodology. 

–          The resistant part is inside the conscious mind, so let’s put it away and deal directly with the subconscious mind. they followed the Hypnosis methodology.

The revolutionary Transition Protocol that changed NLP forever


Filters unzipping


Filters Zipping


The validity factor inside the brain


The Methodology


 A new methodology

Classical methodology

Advanced Time healing


Discovering the timeline


Fixing the timeline


Preparing the timeline


Marking the timeline


Baby steps methodology


Breath opener


Advanced timeline cleansing


Fixing and maintaining the coding direction 


·         Circulating


·         Present pacing


·         Future pacing

N.A  – the classical version

·         Past pacing


·         Present learns from past, future learns from present, past learns from present




The techniques


·         More than 55 New Techniques

Almost 30 techniques

·         Most classical techniques are modified


The Meta Model


 Advanced MetaModel, where it is structured and segmented

Traditional use to collect and challenge the knowledge

It works in parallel with all techniques


A wider usage


The Plan


We work according to a plan

Each technique apart

The plan tackles many events at the same time

Each event apart

The plan follows the brain’s logical order




The Advanced Future Pacing


 Advanced Future Simulation and daydream

Classical future pacing ( See yourself five years from now how you are acting differently)

The 6+ progressive steps to create awareness in the future



The advanced past pacing


Past learns from present


The Future-Present-Past-Pacing


The resources


Based on creating new resources

Based on anchoring


What will you learn in this course:

  • Intro about NLP when, where, and how it started
  • Comparison between the traditional and the New Generation of NLP
  • How the brain works
  • The revolutionary CSFTP that made a quantum leap in the NLP field
  • The differences between psychology, hypnotherapy, the Classical code of NLP, and The New Generation of NLP
  • You will be, for the first time, face to face with the real resistant part inside the brain which is surprisingly neither the conscious nor the subconscious mind
  • How patterns and behaviors are formulated
  • The true meaning of rapport
  • The advanced MetaModel with elaborating the magical structure inside it
  • Advanced submodalities change
  • Punching bag technique
  • Dough technique
  • Reshaping technique
  • Rematerializing technique
  • Breath opener
  • Body blocks removal
  • The plan
  • The advanced timeline
  • Timelines directions
  • Timelines meanings
  • Timelines fixing
  • Timeline preparation where all techniques take place
  • Timeline cleansing techniques
  • Timeline landing
  • Timeline circulating
  • Future pacing Day Dream
  • The real future-past-present simulation
  • The real meaning of breaking the state
  • Déjà vu technique
  • Moon technique
  • Advanced future pacing (Feelings meter technique – Present, future, future reversed, present)
  • Matching mismatching technique
  • Baby steps technique (cleaning the timeline a year after another)
  • Next order technique
  • Under the-spot technique
  • Balloon lock technique
  • Fast phobia cure or rewind technique
  • Parts integration
  • Framing
  • Reframing
  • Anchoring
  • Resourceful anchoring
  • Chaining anchoring
  • Grid technique
  • Circle of Excellence
  • Eye accessing cues
  • Representational systems
  • NLP presuppositions
  • NLP frames
  • New behavior generator

and many more

Now that I got your attention, read this:

Learn how to do an NLP session from A to Z. In this course you will learn how to initiate a full session to start a new career.

  • The preparation
  • The plan
  • The execution
  • The ending of the process

Welcome to the world of The New Generation of NLP

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