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The New Generation of NLP methodology

iunlp nlp training and awareness by jaz

From its beginning, the NLP methodology has been evolving and developing daily for more than 50 years now. Starting with the classical NLP code founded by Richard Bandler and John Grinder, followed by the second generation all the way to the fifth or sixth generation. 

It started as the art of modelling, later controlling and manipulation. In its third development, NLP started to take a great place in therapy where psychologists and therapists started to adopt NLP and combine the techniques with psychology to get better results.

Each NLP practitioner and NLP trainer added some of their experience to make the field more interesting.

Some industries picked only one technique and developed a huge field of application on it like Life Coaching, EMDR, Emotional Intelligence and many others. 

  • Life Coaching picked the Meta model, and developed new methodology establishing a multi billion industry based on it.
  • EMDR picked the Eye Accessing Cues and developed new application.
iunlp nlp training and awareness by jaz
iunlp nlp training and awareness by jaz

The New Generation of NLP methodology developed by Jihad Abou Zeid is based on practicing, applying, and developing NLP techniques regularly.

After helping thousands of people to change their lives and teaching thousands of people to deal with their challenges, the New Generation of NLP and the (ATH – Advanced Time Healing) was born.

The field of application is wider than before. We work on the timeline in a very innovative way to keep the conscious and the subconscious minds fully connected and aware about the type of information and behaviors that existed inside the brain.

In the New Generation of NLP we discovered and defined the exact part responsible for the resistance inside the brain. We could reach the source easily.

The subconscious mind is your best friend. Your conscious mind is your best fellow. Both should be present when creating a positive change.

In the New Generation of NLP you will discover the main resistant part inside the brain, which is the community of the filters.

This community is divided into two sections, one works only during the day or awaking hours, and the second one works only during the night or sleeping hours.

The community of the filters in the New Generation of NLP disclosed the transition protocol inside the brain that creates information, thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

In the New Generation of NLP, we have developed more than 55 new techniques to deal directly with the community of the filters, to change the systematic processing, before we work closely with the conscious and subconscious minds to edit the already saved information. 

iunlp nlp training and awareness by jaz
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