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The New Generation of NLP - The ATH© (Advanced Time Healing) developed by Jihad Abou Zeid

The ATH© – Advanced Time Healing

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) has widely opened the door for practitioners and therapists to help them understand how patterns and behaviors roll inside the human brain.


NLP delivers strong tools that help to know and understand how feelings formulate in the first place, how they evolve with time, appear and affect our lives in different ways.

We have been and still are fascinated by the power of the brain, yet found ourselves unable to understand the WHY, WHEN and HOW of the internal mental process.

When facing challenges we become aware of the external response that we feel on the body. By using NLP methods and techniques, we become aware of the internal process and brain response.

Once we understand the process, we become able, by using NLP techniques, to change the internal response which affects the external response accordingly.

The New Generation of NLP and The ATH© (Advanced Time Healing) developed by Jihad Abou Zeid didn’t change NLP as components, It changed the METHODOLOGY and added effective and strong techniques to the application, where the ATH© (Advanced Time Healing) was born.

With the ATH©, you are able now to change what used to be unchangeable. You deal with patterns, filters, thoughts, and habits differently.

The discoveries behind the ATH© were enormous. One of the main reasons why the ATH© is so powerful is that Jihad managed to discover the main player behind the resistance inside the brain, and for sure it WAS NEITHER the SUBCONSCIOUS MIND, NOR the CONSCIOUS NIND. 

This discovery helped practitioners to focus their work and efforts into the right direction. Why addressing the subconscious mind as responsible for the unwanted responses while it is not. We are sure and aware now that other parties are responsible for the whole process, Your subconscious mind is only the HOST.

This changed the whole perception. We are witnessing now a new era with the New Generation of NLP and the ATH© where challenges are only lessons, we learn, move on, and improve. 

With the New Generation of NLP and (ATH©), the whole process and the methodology has changed, the field of application is wider and more efficient.

Jihad created many new techniques and linked and modified others in order to create a new lasting change.

The Meta Model

The ADVANCED Meta-model is more present, it starts and ends with the whole process, it is a great companion to every practitioner. The advanced Meta-model has a huge impact to make an immediate change inside the brain.

In the New Generation of NLP developed by Jihad, the Meta Model’s structure is defined and described with great details. once you understand the structure you become more precise in using NLP techniques.

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The Time Line in NLP

-The New Generation of NLP and ATH© developed by Jihad Abou Zeid, created interactive timeline techniques that are totally new and innovative.
-All life events take place on the timeline and create different feelings, patterns and behaviors; driving your life into an uncertain future.
-Each event is very personal to the extent that the same event, that is witnessed by different people creates totally different feelings for each of them.
-Our experiences will always be close and private in all directions.
-In the new Generation of NLP and ATH© Jihad divides the timeline into chunks and deal with every chunk individually. Jihad creates a connection between the chunks and make them read and learn from each other.

It all happens between the main three feelings coded on your timeline. With the New Generation of NLP and ATH© we understand the strong connection between DEPRESSION, STRESS, and ANXIETY. Everything is lying there. It is all connected, the past, the present, and the future and they are deeply involved.

In the New Generation of NLP and the ATH© Jihad Abou Zeid changed the whole methodology where you now deal with every event according to the main three feelings at the same time. You create a connection between the three main points on the timeline when dealing with the past. The change is far stronger, better, and long lasting.

The ATH© - The New Generation of NLP

The ATH© – Advanced Time Healing -The New Generation of NLP

The New Generation of NLP has created a totally new methodology and thinking process in the field of application . As a result, the Advanced Time Healing ATH© appeared.

The ATH© represents the sum of the practical techniques applied on the timeline according to the New Generation of NLP (NGNLP).

Psychologists, therapists, coaches, and practitioners, have now the perfect setup to create an immediate diversion in people’s lives. The change is positive and permanent.
People usually suffer from the way they feel towards something; Those feelings are the result of accumulative events that happened in the past.

Unfortunately, people forget to focus on the event that happened in relation with other events and focus on the feelings that are consciously appearing now in the present.
The unwanted feelings like trauma, PTSD, and others are taking over the full attention of the sufferer, while the attention and the focus should be somewhere else. At the source.
PTSD is the result of a trauma, and the trauma is the result of an event. This is not even the source.

The SOURCE is a combination of (what you know, what you are witnessing now, during a certain time, that creates a perception we call it experience, and this experience creates feelings)

The ATH© delivers the right tool to all therapists, to delve inside the brain and reprogram the event to break the BOND.

With the ATH© you are able to understand and work to heal the BOND of (TIME PERCEPTION – AGE- LEARNING –  PATTERN –  FEELING –  BEHAVIOR).

Each event has its own characteristics and they are many. Different people take different characteristics. That’s why we have different feelings towards the same event.

Each event is happening through time, at a certain age.

Each age has its own ability to comprehend. That’s what we call knowledge.

– The knowledge creates LEARNINGS.
– The Learnings create feelings.
– The repetition of the same feeling creates a behavior that becomes a habit.
– The habit lives with people forever.


The ATH© is designed especially to separate the BOND elements from each other, dealing with each element aside, discharging the feelings already stored at a certain age, release the pressure from the present, creating new knowledge of the event, witnessing something new, during the original time, creating a new perception, which leads to a new experience. The feelings will be different.

The ATH© developed by Jihad Abou Zeid, is a methodology that leads therapists, Coaches, and practitioners, step by step, to access, detect, understand, pull out, reprogram, insert, fix and test all types of feelings.
This process is a deep cleaning of all the residues that are creating unwanted feelings.

Unfortunately, people know what they don’t want instead of knowing what they want. They know exactly what they are running away from and they can describe it in great detail.

People always want to be safe because they don’t want to feel the opposite, they don’t want to feel in danger. They want money because they don’t want to be poor. They want health because they don’t want to be ill. Everything you need in life just because you are running away from something else.

That’s what we call the DIRECTION.



The ATH© offers Practitioners, Psychologists, and therapists the power to help others change their DIRECTION. it delivers techniques to create awareness, it is a wake-up call in others to go the opposite direction.

Most of the time we just walk while The ATH© is teaching us how to walk the right way.
The ATH© sets a protocol to move through time. Our time is continuous, it starts months before you were born and ends by passing away. In between a whole life is being coded inside the brain.

Your BRAIN is small enough to be held on your shoulders yet large enough to be undiscovered and mysterious. It fits a whole world.
Till now we are still unable to understand what’s going on inside our subconscious mind. Scientists, psychologists, and therapists are trying to understand how the brain works.

Well, the ATH©, is delivering today a step further into the functionalities of the brain. There is a saying: ” The need is the mother of all inventions”, This happened when Jihad needed to find solutions to resolve severe PTSD cases caused by war, and succeeded.

This enriched the New Generation of NLP and ATH© experience and gave it a huge push into understanding the functionalities of the brain and how PTSD was created in the first place. That leads us to the next chapter: How the BRAIN works.

How the BRAIN works

It has always been a fight between the Conscious and the Subconscious minds, or at least that’s what we have been taught.
The conscious mind is asking for the change, the subconscious mind is resisting the change. That’s why people’s lives are not easy.

The New Generation of NLP and  ATH©, developed by Jihad Abou Zeid helped to find a new discovery.

In the classical code of NLP, we used to put the blame of resistance and refusing the change on the Subconscious mind, we were focusing all our efforts on it to insert the change. We were focusing on the
WRONG part.

Well, the part to be blamed for the resistance is for sure not the Subconscious mind, after all, it is only the HOST

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The New Generation of NLP and ATH©, opened the door for everyone to see and understand, that the Subconscious Mind is really willing to change as much as the Conscious Mind is. It needs it, wants it, and works for it.

The HOST is your best friend. It is the best thing that ever happened to any person. The change process needs to happen somewhere else. You start with it and the HOST will just help you to accomplish it.

The ATH© (Advanced Time Healing) in the New Generation of NLP, is your best way to DISCHARGE the unwanted feelings and charge yourself and others with balanced positivity for a better-balanced life

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