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Training of Trainers / T.O.T.

Training of trainers / T.O.T.

Welcome to the IUNLP, training of trainers’ program, the right place where you start and develop a new career as an NLP trainer.

The International Union of NLP (IUNLP) has developed an amazing NLP training course for you to become a special trainer in the NLP field. This will help you be part of The New Generation of NLP’s community where all techniques create an immediate positive impact for better and faster results.

We assure you that your new career will be full of enthusiasm and productivity.

IUNLP certified trainers will have access to all the necessary materials to help them deliver their training with innovation. The courses are distinguished and unique. All the techniques are animated with illustrations and visuals.

This is the right time for you to start your career and be supported by your community.

As you are aware now, The New Generation of NLP has changed the METHODOLOGY and created more than 50 new techniques for you to use in solving daily challenges.

After being certified as an NLP practitioner and master practitioner, we feel happy and want to congratulate you for taking this amazing step forward towards building your bright future as an NLP trainer. 

What you will learn in your training of trainers T.O.T. course

The main focus in this course is on the trainer to become a special person with special capabilities to be able to transfer the information, knowledge, and expertise to others. IUNLP trainers strive to acquire advanced communication and teaching skills. This course, Training of Trainers (T.O.T.) comes to reinforce the skills, capabilities, and talents of our learners’ trainees.

The training of trainers T.O.T. course contains the following topics    

  • Intro
  • Learning zones
  • In this chapter, we explain the learning process at all levels:
  • Trainer’s level
  • Trainees’ level
  • What is an NLP trainer
  • The characteristics of IUNLP certified trainers
  • How can you become a trainer?
  • Steps to become a distinguished trainer
  • What a trainer does
  • The IUNLP trainers’ duties
  • What does a trainer need
  • What’s required to become a trainer
  • The presentation
  • Art of preparing your presentation
  • The stage
  • How you anchor and set up your stage
  • Body language
  • How to use your body language effectively
  • Public speaking
  • Numbers are only numbers, stand in front of hundreds or thousands and dazzle them
  • The plan
  • The ABCs of initiating an NLP training
  • Code of ethics
  • Know the ethics and teach what you preach

By completing your training of trainers / T.O.T. course you will be able to train other NLP trainees on the New Generation Of NLP developed by Jihad Abou Zeid.

Your trainees will be certified by the IUNLP, UK, as Practitioners, Master Practitioners, and Trainers as well.
IUNLP will always support its trainers by initiating live follow-ups and retraining sessions so they remain on track.

The New Generation of NLP has developed, and still is, new techniques every day. The whole team is intensely immersed in helping others to get rid of their negative feelings, especially in PTSD cases. Our trainers will be notified about every new discovery in the field.
IUNLP certified trainers must follow the code of ethics to keep themselves as part of the IUNLP community.

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